Geely Design Europe

The fast development of our Gothenburg studio happened together with the launch of Lynk & Co. A new brand that is tailored to young, urban, tech-savvy customers. Today we are more than 200 people who work with coming Lynk & Co products.

"We prefer to see competition between ideas rather than people."
- Andreas Nilsson, Head of Design for Lynk & Co
"The logo has a diamond jewellery effect – as you walk round the car the different facets sparkle."
- Simon Lamarre, Head of Exterior Design
"Most people who joined us had no idea what to expect as they walked in the door."
- Stefan Rosén, Head of Advanced Design
"Instead of having trim levels, we are building personas – sporty, luxury, hip, minimalistic."
- Andreas Nilsson
"It’s our responsibility to tell the design team what will be the trend in three or four years’ time."
- Jenny Deimer, Head of Design Color and Material
"We want to challenge the conventional relationship between the car and the human being."
- Lars Falk, Head of Interior Design