Geely Design China

China has spans of rich and diverse culture to be inspired by as Geely Auto develops as a proud Chinese brand. With over 30 ongoing projects our Geely Design China studio has grown to over 200 people.

"One day I got a package containing a poem and a note from the translator saying it had been written by Chairman Li on his way home from Sweden to China, when he saw the moon through the window of the aeroplane. It’s pretty hard to imagine the people I worked for at Ford sending me poetry. It’s really fantastic to have that type of boss."
- Peter Horbury, Executive Vice President Geely Design
"We’re asking where our brand is heading, not just in the tangible aspects but the emotional aspects."
- Danny Du, Creative Director Geely Design China
"We went down many different paths exploring the vast wonderful history of this country."
- Justin Scully, Interior Design Chief Geely Design China
"With the population that we’ve got it is an absolute necessity, and a brand pillar, to offer the luxury of choice."
- Danny Du
"We try to draw a lot from Chinese culture and bring it into the product with a feeling of restrained elegance, as well as a Chinese sense of flamboyance."
- Justin Scully