Who we are

Geely Design is a multi-cultural global organization with four well-equipped studios in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and Los Angeles, with total staff of approximately 500. These design studios, with top class design teams and the latest tools in design development, are responsible for the creation of a unique design language for each of Geely's brands; Geely, Lynk & Co and London Taxi.

Where we are


Shanghai is the beating heart for the Geely range where we are tapping into China’s 5,000 years of the visual arts to give our products a unique flavor in their detailing. Our team has established a studio and built a coherent brand identity at the same time as launching multiple products.

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In the heart of Sweden’s automotive cluster Gothenburg, we have concentrated all our efforts in the creation of the new brand in the Geely family, Lynk & Co, and all of its coming products. Lynk & Co has made its mark by sophisticated design and an appreciation of the connected world we live in.

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Barcelona & California

Barcelona and Los Angeles are smaller “satellite studios” generating ideas for both our brands in two of the world’s most creative locations. The Barcelona team has also been responsible for designing the next London taxi, the TX5, giving an automotive icon a fresh yet different look.

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